Vavasi Telegence Private Limited is involved in development of :

  • Digital Infrastructure, Construction
  • R & D Technology
  • Structured Finance
  • Asset Management,
  • Bridge Financing, &
  • Power & Bullion Trading

Vavasi Telegence Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2001, headquartered at New Delhi to undertake implementation of Infrastructure and Information & Communication Technology Projects. We are associated with projects that attempt to bridge the digital divide around the world through development of world-class infrastructure.

Vavasi is embarking upon an ambitious business plan and has a global vision whereby Vavasi endeavors to provide efficient, affordable and high capacity voice & data connectivity across the world.

Also has concluded a Transfer of Technology with Chinese Telecom Company to establish and operate a SCDMA (Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access) Technology based network in The People’s Republic of China, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Vavasi is the first Indian company to lead a Chinese telecom project. VAVASI will also be the first private company to get an entry into the Chinese Telecom Market.  

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