VAVASI in its continuous endeavor has tied-up with a Chinese Telecom Companies to develop a SCDMA network and its operation in the two provinces and two Centrally Administrative Municipalities in The People's Republic of China.

VAVASI is the first Indian company to lead a Chinese telecom project. VAVASI will also be the first private company to get an entry into the Chinese Telecom Market.

SCDMA project is a lucrative business opportunity since China is the biggest and fastest growing telecom market in the world. Moreover, Technology used in this project is strongly promoted by the Chinese government. SCDMA technology is both economic and indigenous. Chinese government has allocated 23 MHz frequency for SCDMA to operate.

Next Generation Telecommunications India Pvt. Ltd. is in the process of creating its telecom networks to provide telecommunications and other related services in India for over 100 Million odd lines.

Next Generation Telecommunications India, has already conducted trials in Madhya Pradesh for next generation networks (NGN)

— new telecom technology that is entirely internet-based

— and is waiting for the telecom regulator’s views on making NGN networks available and on its pricing.

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