GOPALPUR INTEGRATED COMPLEX in the state of Orissa on the east coast of India. The project aims to secure the energy needs and aspirations of India by developing a robust chain that simultaneously takes into account the economic concerns of the suppliers as well as of the users of Liquefied Natural Gas/Natural Gas.

The complex consists of:

  • A 5 Million Ton per annum Liquified Natural Gas receiving and regassification facility.
  • A 2500 MW Combined Cycle Gas based Power Plant.
  • A 1.21 Million Ton per annum Gas based Urea-Ammonia Complex
  • Naphtha cum Gas Cracker Plant along with downstream Petrochemical Complex.
  • A North Bound Gas Pipeline to link Orissa with other northern and eastern states of India.
  • A South Bound Gas Pipeline linking Orissa with southern states of India.

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